The Arctic Wildland Fire Ecology Mapping and Monitoring Project (ArcticFIRE)

Improving our understanding of Arctic fires and reducing the threat


Improve the understanding of fire ecology and impacts in Arctic States and to communities represented by the PPs, and to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildland fire.


Promote the conservation and sustainable use of Arctic flora and fauna by:

  • mapping the extent and distribution of fires across the Arctic
  • collecting guidelines and best practices for Arctic fire ecology and forest management to manage impacts on Arctic ecosystems, air quality, and climate change, including from Permanent Participants
  • providing an annual digital Arctic Fire Monitoring compilation that includes relevant Arctic fire ecology and fire-related Indigenous Knowledge research

As millions of acres burn in the Arctic, creating a common language around wildfire management is key

Record-setting wildfire seasons are becoming a new normal in the Arctic. While uncontrolled wildfires are devastating, could fire also be a tool for biodiversity and miti...
07 Sep 2020
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