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Projects Working Groups Arctic States Permanent Participants
International Standards for Petroleum, Offshore Oil and Maritime Industries EPPR Norway
Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative (AMBI) CAFF CanadaNorwayThe Russian FederationThe United States
Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) CAFF The Kingdom of DenmarkThe United States
The Tundra Project ACAP The Russian Federation Saami Council
Circumpolar Local Environmental Observer Network (CLEO) ACAP CanadaThe United States
Arctic Black Carbon Case Studies Platform ACAP The United States
Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) AMAP IcelandNorwayThe United States Inuit Circumpolar CouncilSaami Council
Circumpolar Oil Spill Response Viability Analysis (CORSVA) EPPR The Kingdom of DenmarkNorwayThe United States
Protection from Invasive Species CAFFPAME
Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter PAME CanadaThe Kingdom of DenmarkFinlandIcelandNorwaySwedenThe United States Aleut International Association
Arctic Ship Traffic Data - ASTD PAME The United States
Blue Bioeconomy in the Arctic Region SDWG CanadaThe Kingdom of DenmarkIceland
Indigenous Youth, Food Knowledge and Arctic Change (EALLU) II SDWG CanadaIcelandThe Russian FederationSweden Aleut International AssociationSaami Council
Project CREATeS SDWG CanadaThe Kingdom of DenmarkFinlandSweden Inuit Circumpolar Council
Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum PAME CanadaIcelandThe United States
Good Practices for impact assessments and engagement SDWG CanadaThe Kingdom of DenmarkFinland Gwich'in Council International
Arctic Resilience Action Framework (ARAF) SDWG FinlandSwedenThe United States
Arctic Sustainable Energy Futures Toolkit SDWG CanadaThe Kingdom of Denmark Gwich'in Council International
Prevention, Preparedness and Response for small communities EPPR CanadaThe Kingdom of DenmarkNorwayThe United States Aleut International Association
Arctic Biodiversity Data Service CAFF
Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) SDWG CanadaIcelandThe United States Gwich'in Council International
Risk Assessment methods and metadata EPPR Norway
Arctic Marine Microplastics and Litter AMAP CanadaNorway
Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining CAFF Sweden
Resilience and management of Arctic wetlands CAFF Sweden
Actions for Arctic Biodiversity 2013-2021 CAFF Sweden
Coastal Biodiversity Monitoring CAFF CanadaThe United States Inuit Circumpolar Council
Solid Waste Management in Small Arctic Communities SDWG CanadaFinland Aleut International Association
Marine Biodiversity Monitoring CAFF CanadaThe United States
Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring CAFF CanadaSweden
Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring CAFF IcelandSweden
Local 2 Global: Circumpolar collaboration for suicide prevention and mental wellness SDWG CanadaThe Kingdom of DenmarkFinlandSweden Inuit Circumpolar Council
Arctic Children – Preschool Education and Smooth Transition to School SDWG FinlandThe Russian Federation Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North
Gender Equality in the Arctic SDWG FinlandIcelandSweden Aleut International AssociationSaami Council
One Health SDWG CanadaFinlandThe United States